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This section details some links to other websites that deserve to be mentioned on this blogsite and should be checked out!

Other The 94th Minute Links:

Brilliant Groundhopping / Football Websites

Below are the links to some other brilliant groundhopping or football blogs / websites which you should most certainly check out, and have helped, supported or inspired The 94th Minute in the past!

  • CM01/02 SUPER LEAGUE – The CM01/02 Super League is a competition based on the Australian league format in Championship Manager 01/02, where 14 teams made up of the best 336 players in the original database of the game, compete against each other as any normal football league. The teams are managed by a chairman based on information provided by the 14 managers, with matches taking place Sunday nights at 9pm (UK time) and broadcast live on their YouTube channel.
  • FOOTBALL: WHEREVER IT MAY BE – The superb groundhopping blog of super groundhopper, Laurence Reade. He always produces excellent blogs with lots of pictures of his many, many footballing travels.
  • Gareth's Profile PicGARETH’S FOOTBALL TRAVELS – One of the best groundhopping blogsite around at the moment! Founded by Gareth Thomas, he writes excellent and well researched articles about the clubs he visits, as well as  the history of the locations he’s visiting. He has also branched out to writing articles about ‘One Club Men‘, programme reviews and interviewing people involved in the lower league scene. Not to mention he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet! A top, top guy!
  • GIBBO’S 92 – This is the excellent groundhopping blog of Atherton Collieries fan and committee member, Joseph “Gibbo” Gibbons. Along with detailing his many journeys with Atherton Colliers through the lower leagues witin Northern England, there are also superb blogs of groundhops beyond Lancashire and Yorkshire, and beyond.
  • Grassroots NW Logo v2GRASSROOTS NORTH WALES – This is the website of the doyen of North Welsh football (and sport), Dave Jones. Here you will find lots of information, news articles and results from all of the football leagues in North Wales, both male and female leagues. In addition, he branches out into other sports which are played within the northern counties of Wales. A really nice bloke also, who has supported me on numerous occasions!
  • High Stress Therapy LogoHIGH STRESS THERAPY – A groundhopping and mental health blog created by Wrexham supporter Lewis Davies. He uses groundhopping a form of therapy for his mental health, as it allows him to focus on the football (and forget about other issues) for 90 minutes which helps him feel better. Lewis writes about his groundhopping journeys, either through following Wrexham or just watching football from around the country. In addition he writes excellent blogs on mental health also. A superb blog and a really nice bloke also!
  • JOHN MCALLISTER – A Barry Town United and Celtic supporter who produces superb groundhopping videos on South Welsh clubs.
  • Korean Away Days LogoKOREAN AWAY DAYS – A recently created YouTube groundhopping channel which focuses on groundhops in South Korea. Fronted by Suwon Bluewings and Barnsley supporter, Scott Whitelock, he films his experiences at the many Korean football grounds, watching games at every level in the Korean football pyramid. A fantastic channel and well worth watching!!
  • LOSTBOYOS – A superb groundhopping website ran by Welsh brothers Matt and Marc Harrison, which has covered a vast array of clubs throughout the years. Focusing on clubs in the UK, Eastern Europe and South East Asia nowadays, it is one of the best groundhopping blogs around, with blogs being described as being the definition of  “rock and roll groundhopping” #NoFlatCapNoParty
  • MANCHOPPER’S VENTURES – A superb groundhopping blog from Manchester-based groundhopper, George Cheetham. If you like your groundhops with pub tales, great travel stories and a heavy addition of football history, then this blog will certainly fulfill your wishes. Excellently written blogs with plenty of pictures also! Well worth a read!
  • MENORCA FOOTBALL – An English-based, English-language website dedicated to football on the Balearic Island of Menorca, with the ultimate dream of seeing a club from the island in the top tiers of Spanish football.
  • MY YEAR IN THE WELSH LEAGUE – Disillusioned Cardiff City fan, Nicky Roberts, decided to jump into the interesting world of Welsh league football by setting himself a challenge of seeing 100 Welsh football matches within one year. This is his superb blogsite which detailed his spectacular journey from beginning to end.
  • NORTH EAST WALES FOOTBALL FANPAGE – A football site dedicated to all the things involved with the North East Wales football scene. Created and ran by Rhostyllen fan, and Y Clwb Pel Droed contributor, Toby Jones, the site is currently in production but should be a very interesting and useful source for all news and information concerning football within Flintshire, Wrexham and the whole NE Wales scene.
  • Soccerswap IconSOCCERSWAPSoccerswap is an Irish-based website which, at its core, is an exchange of football-related gifts, club merchandise and memorabilia as well as other tokens and gifts between two football fans chosen at random during each round. The aim of Soccerswap is to build a community of football fans from around the globe by interacting, sharing and connecting in a celebration of football.
  • Profile PicTHE ANGLING REV – This is the personal blog of The New Saints’ media officer, and pastor, Rev. Stewart Bloor. In his blog, he often describes his day-to-day adventures with TNS, as well his numerous journeys and adventures angling, plus advice for life in general. One of the nicest people in Welsh football, and an absolute honour to know!
  • THE BELGIAN FOOTBALL PODCAST – A superb English-language regular podcast hosted by Ben Jackson, Scott Coyne and Joris Becq, and is dedicated to all things involving Belgian football. They discuss the news involving the international side The Red Devils and with a huge focus on weekly ongoing in the Belgian Pro League, and Belgian teams in European competitions.
  • Fitba Nomad LogoTHE FITBA NOMAD – A fantastic groundhopping blog from the Nomad which delves into the interesting world of Scottish “fitba”, and provides superb write-up on Scottish football clubs within the professional and junior leagues. Certainly a must-read blog if you are considering travelling to Alba for some drinks and football! Is also an established author with his excellent debut book “The Adventures of The Fitba Nomad“.
  • THE GROUNDHOG – One of my favourite groundhopping blogsites out there and always the first blog I check to gain some information on a ground before heading there myself. If the ground exists, chances are The Groundhog has been there! A brilliant blog and a top bloke also!
  • Profile PicTHE TXOKO POD – Pronounced “The Choko Pod“, it is a regular podcast that is hosted by Dan Parry and Tony Gilfoyle, two football fans who reside in the city of Bilbao. They produce a podcast that focuses on, and talks about, football goings on within the Basque Country or Euskadi (in the Basque language), and the Basque teams who compete within the Spanish leagues.
  • THE66POW – A superb groundhopping blog ran by Rob which covers every level of football you can imagine, with excellent photographs of the games also.

Welsh Leagues Websites

Below is a list of some of the various Welsh football leagues’ websites that I have used for reference whilst creating my groundhopping blogs:

  • The Welsh National League (Wrexham Area) website which covered North East Wales for the third and fourth tiers in the Welsh pyramid structure
  • The Mid-Wales Football League website which covered Central Wales for the third and fourth tiers in the Welsh pyramid structure.
  • The North East Wales League website which covers Flintshire and Wrexham for the fifth tier in the Welsh pyramid structure, and filters into the WNL structure. Originally called the “Clwyd East League”.
  • The Vale of Clwyd and Conwy Football League website which covers Denbighshire and Conwy Borough County for the fifth and sixth tiers in the Welsh pyramid structure.

Reference Websites

Below is a list of football websites I have used and referenced throughout the years which have helped me produce the groundhopping blogs:





Other Websites Worth Visiting

Some other websites that are certainly worth a visit are:

  • BIG ALEX’S WORLD BEER BLOG – This is a blog created by Alex Latham where he is attempting to try a beer or ale from every country in the world, as well as a beer or ale from every US state, and a beer or ale from every British county. He gives his opinions on the beers/ales as he tries them, as well as giving a little bit of information on the location they are produced.

Football Manager Community

A selection of people who produce or stream excellent Football Manager content:

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