Starting XI: Football Is…And That Is What I Want!

Welcome to a continuation on the regular series on The 94th Minute, called “Starting XI”. This is where I ask various people, who are fans of football, a number of questions to get to know them better! The first few questions will differ for each person, but the final question will always be:

“Who would be in your all-time, favourite starting XI?”

This is a question where anyone can be put into their starting eleven, whether they are famous footballers, football legends, past or unknown players who had an impact on their childhood, or even players they have played with or coached. Anyone is acceptable in their XI providing they give a reason for their inclusion!

The seventeenth instalment of the series is an interview with the excellent groundhopping YouTube channel, ‘Football Is…And That Is What I Want!‘. The trio, Dan, Daz and Paul, travel around lower league grounds producing excellent films from their groundhopping journeys, or weekly previews. I wanted to know more about how the YouTube channel started and the origins of their unique name, their views on groundhopping, the future of the channel, plus (of course) the favourite eleven players of all-time.

Football Is Main Logo

Their latest groundhopping video, where they went to watch an FA Vase match (as part of their Journey to Wembley series) between Lichfield City and Dudley Town, on Non League Day, can be seen below:


Q. Thank you very much for being part of Starting XI. Firstly, could you provide some details on how the YouTube channel came into creation, and also the origins of the unique name?

It all came about after a weekend in Butlins where me [Dan] and Daz decided, after a few beers, that we would like to do a YouTube channel based on football. After coming back and really being interested in doing this, we decided to do some research into it and what we would need. We realised straight away how much fun it looked like and decided to push ahead with it.

The name comes from ‘The Office‘ (UK Version) in the first episode, after Dawn makes an off the cuff comment about David Brent’s drinking, he fires back with “Professional is… and that is what I want!” And so ‘Football Is… And That Is What I Want’ was born.

David Brent
David Brent, the origin of the channel’s name! [IMAGE: Wikipedia]

Q. How would you describe your excellent YouTube channel for people who have never seen it before?

Simply put, it’s a channel dedicated to non league football. We aim to show everyone out there the highs and lows of non league football, whilst also helping to show just how much hard work goes into the running of a non league club.

Giving Non League the Voice It Deserves


Q. On average, how long does it take to research, produce and edit a video for the YouTube channel?

The research is usually a couple of days. Checking the history of the club and the people involved, finding out some facts about the club and the form that they are currently in.

Filming is normally is done in one take, and whilst can be a bit of a giggle, we normally just let it flow without it being scripted.

Editing is something that is very time consuming, this mainly is due to us still learning how to do this. We are always discovering quirky little things to add to the videos and make it more fun!


Q. What has been your favourite groundhop you have done so far, and why?

The first one will always be a personal favourite Ellesmere Rangers versus Burscough FC as it was our first attempt at interviewing a manager and learning what to film and how to film it. We left the stadium elated at being able to do what we had just done.


Q. Are there any grounds or clubs that you would love to visit in the future?

We are off to Wembley Stadium at the end of the season as part of our ‘FA Vase Challenge‘, so that will be extremely exciting. I think to be invited to the club around the corner from us, AFC Telford, would be fantastic! Also the ideas of Guernsey FC and Isle of Man FC is something that interests us greatly!


Q. What do you think are the best and worst part of groundhopping, in your opinion?

Being able to interview managers, and get little stories of their careers, is a personal highlight as you learn so much about the game.

Mixing with the fans is also another personal highlight as you can meet some right characters.

The worst part can sometimes be the disconnect some clubs have with their fans, making it hard for us to be able to interact with them on social media.


Q. Do you have any advice to anyone who wishes to start groundhopping and/or creating their own YouTube channel?

Go into this ready to be amazed. Enjoy it and never be afraid to take criticism off people. The Internet is a scary place as we all know.

Remember to research everything and be sure that the facts you have are correct!

More importantly = Be Yourself!


Q. What are the future plans for Football Is… And That Is What I Want?

Full time with the channel is the absolute dream. We would love to be full time YouTubers, travelling not just around the country but also Europe, showing people all things non league football.

Would be great to be getting paid to do something that we love!

One day Rodders…one day… 😉


Q. Finally, what is your all-time, favourite starting eleven, and the reasons for your picks?

Starting XI - Football Is
The all-time, favourite eleven players from ‘Football Is…And That Is What I Want’.

Formation: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: Peter Schmeichel

‘The Great Dane’ was a brick wall that we loved watching in his heyday! He was also the voice that every team needs at the back.


Right back: Gary Neville

If you are ever going to be successful, you need a Gary Neville in your team! Seven out of ten, week-in, week-out! Dependable throughout his entire career.


Centre back: Jaap Stam

Jaap Stam

One half of our centre-back partnership is ‘the muscle’, and boy what muscle this guy was! No one ever worried him, and would win everything both on the floor and in the air. You knew you had a chance with him at the back.


Centre back: Paolo Maldini

If the first half was ‘the muscle’, then this guy was ‘the brains’. A ‘Rolls-Royce player’ if ever I saw one! The guy oozed class and played for so long due to his understanding of the game. Just a class act!


Left back: Ashley Cole

Tough to leave Patrice Evra out, however (in his prime) I never saw this guy have a bad game. He was not just the best left back in the country, but in the world! Not many people have Ronaldo’s number every time they play him other then Mr. Ashley Cole.


Right midfield: David Beckham

David BeckhamIdol… Legend…. Captain.

If you did not grow up loving this man, then you were either Diego Simeone’s mum or stupid. The guy gave everything for his country! Gave us the best feeling ever in the game against Greece, and made me (Dan) cry when he left for Real Madrid. Love him!


Central midfield: Stefan Effenberg

A hard man in the midfield, and one of the first foreign players’ names that I had on the back of a football shirt. Won everything in the midfield and also popped up with a few stunners every now and then. Loved his passion for the game.


Central midfield: Paul Scholes

He scores goals, my Lord…. The guy scored so many important goals and passing… Christ he could pass! Loved how he was not about the superstar lifestyle. Will always love his goal against Barca in the semi-final of ’08’s Champions League. A couple of years before, people said he was finished… Shhhhhh (better then Lampard or Gerrard).


Left midfield: Ryan Giggs

Ryan GiggsRyan Giggs had to be on the left. Best left midfielder ever to be honest. His goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup will be remembered forever and quite rightly so. He should also be respected for the way he changed his game several times as he got older, to accommodate the loss of pace and agility.


Forward: Ronaldo (Brazilian)

I remember being at Old Trafford when he scored the hat-trick that knocked us out of the Champions League. I stood with over 60,000 people and applauded. Injuries cut short what would have been a career full of records being set and/or broken. One of the best finishers the game has ever seen.


Forward: Alan Shearer

This guy was just incredible! He scored goals from everywhere on the pitch. Thumping volleys, powerful headers, as well as having the knack to score ‘ugly goals’. His record in the Premier League will not be beaten any time soon. I think only Harry Kane has any chance. He scored all of the goals whilst missing a lot of months with massive injuries! Plus his loyalty to his boyhood should never be questioned…unless you’re Michael Owen 😉


A massive thank you to Dan at Football Is…And That Is What I Want for answering my questions and being an absolutely superb guest on the Starting XI series! I really enjoyed the answers, and we finally got to the origins of the name = loved it!

The team is very Manchester United biased there, although that treble winning team of 1999 was an epic team. Plus that forward partnership between Ronaldo and Shearer is what dreams are made of (or nightmares if you were an opposing defender)! Also great choice on Stefan Effenburg – a top player!!

To find out more about Football Is…And That Is What I Want, the links to the YouTube channel and social media accounts can be found below:


To read or catch up on the previous Starting XI episodes, they can all be found at the following link HERE.

If there you have any feedback, comments or suggestions who I should interview next in the series, let me know either below in the comments box, tweet me @The94thMin or email me at! It would be good to hear what you think about the series, and what have been your favourite episodes so far!



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