This is a continuation of my side project to take pictures or collect photos of all the Welsh football grounds in the top six tiers, and then turn them into a sticker style format. Initially this was something I just did to test out my Photoshop skills, but considering the popularity it achieved on Twitter and Facebook, I decided to expand it and try to encompass the whole of the country – a big task!

Anyway I have decided to group the grounds into their respective Welsh counties, so the eighth county I have done is the central-western Welsh county of Ceredigion.

The links to the other counties’ sticker albums can be found below:


For the 2018-19 season, 24 sides based in Ceredigion (Cardiganshire) were playing in the Welsh football pyramid. The highest placed, and most successful, Ceredigion side is Aberystwyth Town, who were founding and continual members of the Welsh Premier League. Penrhyncoch are the only Ceredigion side playing in the second-tier Cymru Alliance, whilst a number of other county clubs competing within the Mid Wales League system at tiers 3 and 4.

Ceredigion Album - Version 2s
The Ceredigion “sticker album” as it currently looks like.


The majority of Ceredigion clubs play at tiers 5 and 6, in either the Aberystwyth League system (representing the clubs situated in the north of the county, near Aberystwyth) or the Ceredigion League system (representing the clubs in the southern section of the county). Both regional leagues are feeder leagues for the Mid Wales League system currently.

1. Aberaeron [Mid Wales League Div 1]
2. Aberporth [Ceredigion League Div 2]
3. Aberystwyth Town – Park Avenue [Welsh Premier League]
4. Aberystwyth University – Vicarage Playing Fields [Mid Wales League Div 2]

Vicarage Playing Fields - Ceredigion
Picture courtesy of @christopher7590 

5. Bargod Rangers [Ceredigion League Div 1]
6. Bont FC – Pontrhydfendigaid [Aberystwyth League Div 1]

Pontrhydfendigaid - Ceredigion
Picture courtesy of @christopher7590 

7. Borth United [Mid Wales League Div 2]
8. Bow Street – Cae Piod [Mid Wales League Div 1]

Cae Piod - Ceredigion
Picture courtesy of @christopher7590 

9. Cardigan Town [Ceredigion League Div 1]
10. Crannog [Ceredigion League Div 1]
11. Dewi Stars [Ceredigion League Div 2]
12. Felinfach [Ceredigion League Div 1]
13. Ffostrasol [Ceredigion League Div 1]
14. Lampeter [Ceredigion League Div 1]
15. Llandysul FC – Tir y Dref [Ceredigion League Div 1]
16. Llanilar [Aberystwyth League Div 1]
17. Llanon [Aberystwyth League Div 1]
18. Maesglas [Ceredigion League Div 2]
19. New Quay – Parc Arthur [Ceredigion League Div 2]

Parc Arthur - Ceredigion
Picture courtesy of @christopher7590 

20. Padarn United [Aberystwyth League Div 1]
21. Penparcau [Aberystwyth League Div 1]
22. Penrhyncoch – Cae Baker [Cymru Alliance]
23. Talybont [Aberystwyth League Div 1]
24. Tregaron Turfs – Cae’r Ysgol [Aberystwyth League Div 1]

Cae'r Ysgol - Ceredigion
Picture courtesy of @christopher7590 



Former Ceredigion clubs which could have a sticker created in the future:



If you have any pictures for any of the grounds that I haven’t made stickers for, and you don’t mind me using them, please contact me using the links in the CONTACT section of this site.



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